Reflections: Cultivating Warmth 

Image source: Christopher Titmuss

How warm do you feel towards yourself? It’s a difficult question if you don’t like yourself very much at times.

So how do we cultivate warmth?

Below is a mantra you can try in your Mindfulness practice. A mantra is a word or phrase that you can repeat to help you focus on the present moment. (If you’re not sure what Mindfulness is, click here.)

If you can, find a quiet place to sit and be silent for a few moments. Allow yourself to breathe slowly and gently. Try repeating one or all of these Mantras within your Mindfulness practice for one minute before you return to your day:

🌀It’s okay to show myself warmth and compassion
🌀Warmth is healing
🌀May others feel the warmth in my heart today
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Copyright Delphi Ellis

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