Reflections: Generosity

Reflections for the Week: Generosity

Is your generosity being tested?

We live in a world with a lot of pressure to give more

To give more time.

To give more energy.

To give more of ourselves.

Do you know that feeling?

We can get so caught up with giving to others that we forget to give to ourselves. 

A mantra is a word or phrase you can repeat as the object or focus of your meditation. Here is how you can use ‘generosity’ as a mantra. Make yourself comfortable and spend a few minutes observing your breath. Every time you are distracted by thoughts of giving to others or worries for people you care about, acknowledge the thoughts and let them pass. Then try these phrases:

🌀 I can give to myself

🌀 It is okay to give myself permission to relax

🌀 Generosity can mean time for my own wellbeing
Copyright Delphi Ellis

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