Reflections: Making Space

Reflections for the Week: Making Space

How much space do you have in you life? If, like a lot of people, every minute of the day is accounted for, then there’s probably not a lot of ‘wriggle’ room. It means that when you get stuck in traffic, or find yourself running behind schedule with an important assignment, the pressure mounts and you feel tension rising.  It all feels a bit too much and we find ourselves clawing for some space, away from it all. 

This is where Mindfulness can help. 

Learning a strategy to create space in your thinking can be a useful way to help calm the mind. When we are too stressed, we don’t think clearly, we make poor decisions and all our creativity goes out the window.  

A meditation focused on an object can help. It doesn’t matter what the object is, it could be a pebble, a photograph of a favourite holiday location, or the scent of a flower.  Tune in to the object you’re giving your attention to, and experience it for the next few moments. Notice the texture, the colours and any other observations that come in to your awareness. If you find your mind starts to wander, just accept that with kindness, and bring your attention back to the object. 

Creating a space you can dedicate to relaxation can also help set the intention to find sanctuary even on the busiest days.   Your sacred space doesn’t have to be at home, it could be under a tree or sat by the sea. Wherever it is, allow this place to remind you that it’s okay to unwind, and to give yourself permission to relax. 

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