How are you feeling? A short mindfulness practice for the body and mind

I recently wrote a blog on my Helping You Sparkle™  website (promoting mental health maintenance) where I focused on the question “How are you really?” The article describes the importance of creating a safe space so that if you ask someone how they’re doing, the feel they can give an honest reply. 

Sometimes though, we don’t know how we feel. We spend so much of our days running from place to place (physically and mentally) that we don’t know how we feel. This is where Mindfulness can help.

Take a moment to stop where you are and take three deep breaths. With each breath, feel the air coming in and going out of your body, and allow your body to relax.  Sink into the natural rhythm of your breath and continue to breathe slowly and gently.

Now tune into your body.  Notice any tension or discomfort that’s stored there. Try not to get caught up in thoughts about what’s causing the tension or what the discomfort means, just observe its existence – notice it’s there – and then return your awareness back to the breath. If you notice thoughts and feelings arising, acknowledge them, label them “thinking” and continue to focus on the breath. Do this for the next few moments and then when you’re ready return to your day.

Whenever you do this activity, you can record in your meditation journal any patterns that emerge. You might notice that you’re worrying more than usual, any feelings you werent expecting, or that you’re storing stress in certain places. (If you’re worried about your physical or emotional health see your doctor).  Remember not to judge thoughts and feelings as they come up, but consider the opportunity to take positive action with them.

Copyright Delphi Ellis 2017 – 21

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