Reflections: Light

Reflections for the Week: Light

There’s something about the winter months that brings with them a feeling of darkness. We wake up in the dark, we come home in the dark. It can make us appreciate the lighter days, and the sun when it comes out.

Your inner light is that part of you that feels hopeful, positive and able to cope. The science shows us that particles – called biophotons – move around our bodies emitting light – and we have the ability to affect them. According to Dr. Joe Dispenza:

We know that our cells emit light and that this light is constantly sending and receiving information. We also know that we have at least some ability to affect this light. If this is true then we have access to the control center of our minds and bodies. And if we have access and influence then we have the ability to change ourselves at the most fundamental level by enhancing our light.

And this is where mindfulness may be able to help.

Spend a few moments visualising a bright, refreshing and restorative light, as if the light is re-energising you and recharging your batteries. You could also try a mantra as part of your practise. A mantra is a word or phrase you repeat whilst you meditate, giving the words your full attention.

You can simply repeat the word “Light” or the following statements as many times as are relaxing.

  • I welcome the light
  • The light of positivity recharges me
  • I can create positive light through my thoughts and actions

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