Reflections: Pause

Reflections for the Year: Pause

At this time of year the pace of everything seems to change. We hurtle towards the end of December, in some cases wanting it all to be over so we can welcome in the hope of a better year ahead. We focus on the future, and the past, trying to make sense of it all.

When we find ourselves tangled in thoughts this way, it can be helpful to stay centred in what’s happening right now.

Spend a few minutes noticing how you’re breathing right now. Pay attention to where the breath comes in and goes out of your body. Maybe you breathe in through your nose. Maybe you breathe out through your mouth. Sink in to the natural rhythm of your breathing. If it’s helpful, spend some time in quiet reflection about what life has been like for the last 12 months. Try not to dwell on what you did or didn’t say or what others did or didn’t do. Just observe the thoughts and feelings of the year, as they come in to your mind. Acknowledge any mindful moments, times when you’ve found yourself immersed in something you enjoy, and how you can build Mindfulness in to the coming year. And if you find you want to think about something, be sure remind yourself how far you’ve come.

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