Reflections – Release

Reflections for the Week: Release

If you’ve ever watched the movie “Frozen” you’ll know there are only so many times you can hear the words “let it go”. In fact, if you talk about a frustration with a friend or colleague and they say those very words to you, you’d probably feel a number of things, including misunderstood.

We feel what we feel. So the idea of releasing those feelings can seem difficult and, actually, complicated. This is where Mindfulness can help.

Mindfulness gives us the opportunity to acknowledge how we feel. It’s not about clearing the mind, but accepting that our minds can be quite noisy.

See if this activity helps.

Whenever you’re feeling caught up in thoughts which make you uncomfortable, give yourself permission to take charge of your thinking. Thoughts are just thoughts – they don’t mean you have to do anything.

Stop for a moment and turn your attention to your breath. Notice how you’re breathing. Try not to get caught up in a dialogue with yourself about whether it’s fast or slow, deep or shallow, just notice it. If your mind wanders back to the thoughts you were having, notice that and give yourself permission to take charge again. If you find your thoughts are troubling you, ask your doctor. They might recommend therapy or mindfulness classes in your area.

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