Reflections – Hold Space

Reflections for the Week: Hold Space

What would it feel like to sit with someone in need but say nothing?

As humans, we’re solution focused. If someone has a problem, our instinct is to help.

To try and fix it.

To make the pain go away.

To kiss it better.

But sometimes, it’s just as important to sit and be. Silence can feel uncomfortable, but words can be ineffective when someone is finding life too hard to handle – or explain. We don’t have to fill the silence. We can Hold Space with someone and be just as helpful.

Pick up the ‘phone arrange to meet a friend. Spend time in their company, enjoying their conversation but without feeling the need to interrupt, interject or solve all that’s troubling them. Experience what it feels like to be with someone, noticing what it’s like to be sat where you are holding space with them. Listen with the intent to understand.

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Copyright Delphi Ellis

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