Reflections – Unplug

Reflections for the Week: Unplug

When was the last time you switched off?

It’s not easy to turn our attention away from the outside world.  iPhones, tablets and TV means we have a front row seat of all the latest dramas, adventures and shenanigans.   Whether it’s something we disagree with on Facebook or Twitter, or posting a photo to see what people think, it makes switching off difficult.

The science also shows us we get a ‘hit’ every time someone ‘likes’ something we post, meaning not only do we need that feeling of gratification, but we go looking for it.  The long term impact is that we become addicted, needing more and more ‘likes’ just to feel okay.

Try this:  Schedule some time in your diary to switch off your mobile ‘phone and ‘unplug’ from the outside world.  Sit quietly and experience what it feels like not to be able to look at your ‘phone.  Try just a few minutes to begin with, then slowly build up to 10 minutes, half an hour, an hour and so on, making time regularly to have this time to yourself.  If you find yourself reaching for your ‘phone before the time is up, just notice that.  Be aware of the feeling, label it “feeling” and then return to the experience of being there experiencing time for yourself.

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