Reflections – Slow Down

Reflections for the Week: Slow Down

Do you ever feel like life is a race?

At a recent class I described life as a treadmill. If you’ve ever used one you’ll know there’s a brief moment, when you step off the machine, where you feel a bit wobbly.

Out of sorts.


If every day feels like you’re on the treadmill of life, whether it’s at home or at work, you’ll know that trying to relax brings with it much the same feeling. You travel at 100mph all day then when you try to stop, your head is, well…spinning.

Heres something you can try:

Make a promise to yourself this weekend to slow down. Even if you have to work, do everything slowly with intention. Notice your compulsion to do everything quickly, but then move in to a space of ‘no rush’ . Purposefully walk to your car or to the bus stop, noticing the sound of your shoes as they touch the pavement. Become aware of your movement and bring down the tempo. Every action is deliberate, done with a sense of calm, not frenzy.

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