Reflection – Accepting what is

Have you ever felt like life is conspiring against you? Like it’s just going to be “one of those days”?

You drop your toast, and it lands butter side down.

You miss your bus, so you’re late for work.

You accidentally break something brand new.

Acceptance is a funny thing. It’s hard to accept the thing we can’t change, and when things don’t go our way it can feel like the world is against us.

And yet, accepting what “is” can be liberating. Recognising that it is what it is, and that’s all there is to it can free up space in your mind to deal with the challenges you face. Control what you can, and leave the rest for now.

Here’s something you can try:

The next time you feel as if the world is out to get you, take a moment to repeat the word “accept” a few times in your mind. Acknowledge that right now, it’s like this. Try not to get caught up in thoughts about how it should be. Instead recognise the situation for how it appears to be. For any difficult thoughts or feelings that arise, try this breathing activity.

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