Reflections – Be the Joy

Reflections – Be the Joy

How joyful do you feel today?

Earlier in the week, the much of the world recognised International Day of Happiness, a UN initiative to encourage us all to move towards a happier way of life.

In reality, a lot of people aren’t feeling joyful. During my wellbeing classes we talk about what happiness actually is, and whether or not we can truly ever reach that holy grail. It can start with recognising that we don’t have to ‘do’ anything, we can simply ‘be’.

This is where mindfulness can help. The evidence suggests that just a few minutes mindfulness can help improve your mood. Try this for a moment:

Take a seat and spend a few moments getting comfortable. As you sit, notice any feelings or tension that arise in your body. How is your body speaking to you? What is it saying? As you become aware of thoughts and emotions, label them “thinking” and “feeling”. Acknowledge them, accept them with kindness, thank your mind and your body for bringing them into your awareness, and then return your experience to being where you are paying attention to how your body speaks. Try not to push thoughts or feelings away – we don’t have to be happy all the time – just acknowledge what’s happening as it’s taking place.

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