Reflections – Hold that thought

Reflections for the Week : Hold that Thought

Are you a thinker?

The mind is a funny thing. It’s designed to think.

If we don’t give it something to think about, it will find something.

Sometimes thoughts are nice. We remember a pleasant memory – a holiday or time well spent with family or friends.

But sometimes our thoughts can cripple us.

They take us, as I call it, down the plug hole. And it’s dark down there.

The habit with thinking is we try and push it away. And you probably know that the more you try not to think about something, there it is.

So what would it be like to hold that thought? To sit with it, experience it and then bring yourself back into the now. This is how mindfulness can help.

Here’s something you can try:

Notice the thoughts as they are arising. As soon as you become aware that you’re thinking again, give it a label – “thinking”. Imagine the thought as a speech bubble above your head. Acknowledge it. And then return your attention to exactly what’s happening right now. Whether it’s the birds singing. Cars going by. Bring it all in your awareness.

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