Reflections – Where are you?

If I was to ask you, ‘where are you?’ what would you say?

You might say, sat at your desk.

Perhaps you’re at home or at work.

Maybe you’re in the supermarket.

But is that really where you are?

Wherever you are, there you go there you are‘, says Jon Kabat-Zinn.  And now is all there is.

Try this:
Sit where you are for the next five minutes.  As you become aware of all the noises and sounds in your environment, just accept them as part of this time and place.  Wherever you go, there will always be sound, even if it’s the noise of your own breathing.  So take a few moments just to experience what it’s like to be here, wherever that is, with kindness and without judgement.

Copyright Delphi Ellis 2017 – 20

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