Reflections – Find It

Where do you store tension in your body?

When I run my classes I do an exercise where I ask that same question. We find the sensations in our body we associate with stress, and then we do an exercise to help release the tension.

We now know that there are links between how the mind works and how the body feels – the body speaks the mind. So if you’re experiencing stress, anxiety or depression it makes sense that those are reflected in how your body behaves.

You could try this:

Take a seat and place both feet on the floor (you can take your shoes off if it’s convenient and safe to do so). Feel your feet connecting with the floor. Notice how the souls of your feet feel touching the surface where they are. Wriggle your toes and experience how they move. Does it feel like any tension is stored there? If so, take a breath in and imagine the breath finding it’s way to the tension and as you exhale feel the tension leaving your body.

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