Reflections – Say what you see

Do you remember Catchphrase?

Roy Walker would host this weekly show where people had to guess, as images were revealed, what they were looking at. Mindfulness is a bit like that.

Sometimes, random things happen and there are times when you can see the jigsaw pieces fall into place and it all starts to make sense. But there are times when life shocks us, things don’t make sense at all, and we may never know why. This can cause us a huge amount of emotional pain.

Mindfulness can help by bringing your attention to this moment, rather than dwelling on the future or the past.

Here’s something you can try:

Stop what you’re doing and label exactly what you see directly in front of you. Label the colours, images and even sights you can see. Now look around you and do the same. Literally say what you see for the next few moments and bring your awareness fully in to the present moment.

Copyright Delphi Ellis 2017 – 20

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