Reflections: Mindful Moments – Sitting

When was the last time you sat still and did nothing?

I ask people in my classes what stops them, and they often tell me it feels like a waste of time.

There is always so much to do.

And actually if they manage to sit still, even for five minutes, they feel guilty thinking about all the things they “should” be doing. Can you relate?

We know that taking time out is healthy for us. And this is where mindfulness can help.

In the mindfulness teachings, there are only four postures, one of which is sitting. We can use the posture of sitting as a means to keep our awareness in the present moment.

Here’s something you can try:

Take a moment to sit down. Notice how your mind and body react to the position of sitting. If you find your mind goes off like a pin ball machine (including thoughts that this is a waste of time), give yourself permission to just sit for the next few moments. As thoughts arise, just say the word “sitting” in your mind to keep yourself fully present in the here and now.

©️ Copyright Delphi Ellis 2017 – 20

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