Reflections: Mindful Moments – Change

How do you feel when you recognise change? It’s not always easy realising that something has shifted. That change has happened. That things aren’t the way they used to be.

In the Buddhist teachings, one of the causes of mental anguish can be described as our relationship with attachments. The idea that in order for me to be okay, things have to stay just as they are. Of course, life isn’t like that. But it’s our belief that things must be permanent, that causes as so much pain when we realise that, actually, everything is temporary. Nothing stays the same.

This is where mindfulness can help.

Take a Mindful Moment where you might like to try this:

Sitting comfortably, notice how your mind starts to wander. Notice where your attention goes as you set the intention to focus on the here and how. Your mind will race off a hundred times, and often in the direction of how we wished things had been or how we wish they were. As these thoughts come in to your awareness, simply notice them, label them “thinking” and then return your attention to sitting comfortably, noticing your thoughts as they arise.

Copyright Delphi Ellis 2017 – 20

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