Reflections: Mindful Moments – Be With What Is

How do you cope when things go ‘wrong’?

Some of the most challenging moments we can deal with in our lives, are when we have a fixed idea about how life should be. It’s understandable that we feel upset or angry when things don’t go the way we wanted. When people don’t do or say what we need. When something unexpected takes the wind out of our sails.

In Buddhism, these are just some of the ways we describe attachments. Not that it’s ‘bad’ to enjoy someone’s company, or wish for a positive outcome; just that the belief it has to go a certain way can be at the heart of our suffering.

Try this Mindful Moment:

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or finding it difficult to accept the status quo, stop what you’re doing and bring your attention to your breath. Try not to worry about whether the breath is too fast or too slow. Just notice it, magically sustaining you. Acknowledge how the breath is always there, no matter what else is going on, flowing in and flowing out of your body. And, if you find your mind wanders off on to thoughts about the past or future, just remember the past or future don’t exist right now. Allow yourself to be with what is, and if helpful repeat this as a mantra as often as you need.

©️ Delphi Ellis 2018 – 20

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